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Welcome to the Scenic Artist Wiki!

The Guild of Scenic Artists Wiki is an online searchable database and member directory for scenic artists powered by mediawiki. A wiki is a collaborative web site that collects and organizes content, created and revised by its users. The goal of the Scenic Artist Wiki is to provide a sense of community and a source for information about scenic art for members of the Guild of Scenic Art.

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Wiki Topic Index

Ways to Contribute

Make a member profile:

  • This is a good way to become familiar with how a wiki works before you begin editing or adding wiki pages.
  • Member Directory

Create and edit pages in the wiki:

  • You can make blank pages for topics that aren't listed here yet
  • You could write a few paragraphs on a scenic art topic you have some experience with and submit a new page.
  • You can make edits or additions to information you find here, or clarify something
  • You can add links or purchasing sources to products you find here

Read what's here, add, and fix as you go:

  • You can fix spelling or formatting, if that's your thing
  • You can also track edits on a page in the View History tab, above.
  • You can cross-link from one topic to a related one to help people find what they need here