USITT 2017 Day 3

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Scenic Artists from the MUNY in St. Louis dominated the Expo Floor on Friday with a live painting demo, wowing the crowds-- and us! Sponsored by United Scenic Artists Local 829 and IATSE, a crew of painters led by Master Scenic…

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USITT 2017 Day 2

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Guest Author:  Valerie Light Val shares her favorite parts of Thursday's USITT adventures!   You all know why the Guild exists, but it’s worth mentioning again: This website, and this organization, are meant to be a place we can all…

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USITT 2017 Day 1

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Sometimes the best part of USITT is what you create for yourself.   As Tina was putting the finishing touches on our 1st Expo table, I was able to sneak away from the conference and visit with Wendy Waszut-Barrett, who…

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Decisions Decisions

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Making an Origin Story Pretty. Fun Fact about the Guild of Scenic Artists - we weren’t always a Guild! Back when we were just a group of phone calls, emails and texts; and before our fated road trip to Lacrosse;…

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Hello Artists!

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Welcome to the first post of  THE SCENIC ROUTE! An Origin Story   This is our place to present interesting articles about things related to our industry, including the stories of your journeys as Scenics. I felt the first story…

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