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Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

It has been an exciting journey here at The Scenic Route, and we can’t believe how much our blog has grown since we first started a little over two years ago.   Our Guild founders came together to create this amazing resource for us Scenics, and after almost 80 articles we are still finding great things to talk about and share.

I’m not sure if it’s normal to celebrate a blog anniversary, but as your Editor, I feel like this is a great time to look back at what we have accomplished, and share a bit of my vision for our future.


Most viewed article: Rockin Rollers.4922 views as of this posting.  We can’t wait to do part 2 and 3!

Most shared article: Who Wants Green Grass Anyways? Over 75 shares!

Article with the biggest celebrity: Leaving on a Jet Plane! Creating a plane in five days for a queen isn’t easy, but we share some cool tools along with, speedy and SAFE tricks.

Article republished in a major magazine: Getting a Hand on Gloves.  Thanks, Stage Directions!

Article with the most drool-worthy images:  Salon 2018. Just look at those highlights and shadows.

    The number of annoying pop-up ads, banners, and click baits: ZERO!


Our Favorite 10 Articles So Far:

This list was compiled from asking our Board and Committee members what their favorite articles were and why. We looked deep into our archive for articles that might have gotten missed, but are chock full of great information.  In full disclosure: if an article was nominated twice I might have made them choose again so I could get a list of ten – that’s not completely cheating is it?

First Folio Problems:  by Melanie Rentschler

How do you make a paper prop last an entire run of a show?  This article was all about problem-solving a new material, combining it with old techniques, and using some non-traditional marking tools.


5 Helpful Phone Apps: by Lili Payne

Who knew a phone would be just as helpful on the paint deck as a good fitch brush? Resources for drawing and safety top the list.  We are always looking for more apps to add to our list.


This is Nuts! Level up your Wood Grains with Walnut Ink: by Nicole Deibert

Who doesn’t like learning a new way to paint wood to look like wood? This article also contains some bonus tips for cheap and fast gold leaf!


Grout of Control: Creating Large Scale Mosaics: by Mikah Berky

Painting complex tile patterns were made easier with the right type of tools, stencils, and patience. Stunning photographs and video of the process are also drool-worthy.


Painting a Custom Woven Rug: by Tina Yager

Detailed steps and product choices are explained in this “How To” article.  It also showcases a unique use for one of our more common fabrics, cheesecloth, and the power of a good stencil.


The Great Napoli Window Re-do: by Allison Backhaus.

It’s never a good sign when the TD calls you late in the night after tech.  But how do you fix something that was meant to be permanent, in only a day, and from a genie lift?  This is a great “Scenic Art War Story”.


3 Tips To make your Translucency a Success: by Jamie Clausius and Bridgette Dennett.

From changing the time of day, revealing hidden images, and other dramatic effects, painting translucent backdrops aren’t as scary as you thought.


Adventures in Fabrication: Mixed Media Scenery: by Sara Herman.

Not only is this another great “How To” article full of problem-solving; but it starts the conversation about “Eco-Toxicity”, and why a Scenic would choose one type of similar product over another.


6 Ways to Green Up your Paint Shop: by Ellen E. Jones

Staying on the “safer for the environment” theme, this article gives some great tips and tricks to lessening our carbon footprint in our very wasteful and toxic scene shop environments.


And the Winner is………

Breaking Paint Vol 1.   By Jason Strom

This quickly became our most nominated article because of the scientific look and approach to how we Scenics create one of our most asked-for effects: CRACKLE!  We can’t wait to show you Vol 2 this coming summer.



So what does year 3 and the future look like?

We would love to expand our offerings of “How To” articles.  It’s clear Scenics love reading about how other Scenics accomplish amazing feats of illusion. Do you have a feat to share?

We plan on sharing more in-depth articles about safety and best practices. Our body is the most important tool we have – let us work together to protect not just ourselves, but our co-workers as well.

We have a dream of creating our own version of “Consumer Reports.” Scenics use a lot of the same common products and tools, and by reaching out to our member base more often, we hope to present solid information and reviews for you to choose from.

We here at the Scenic Route can’t thank our readers enough for all of your support. We encourage you to become a member of our great organization if you haven’t already done so yet.  So many exciting things are planned for our future and we want you all to be a part of it.

And on a more personal note, a thousand million thanks to all of my wonderful Guild authors. To take time out of your busy schedules to share your knowledge with other Scenics is why we are here.    By Scenics, For Scenics!

If you haven’t written for us yet, but have a great story, technique, or product to tell us about, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And if we didn’t list your favorite article, tell us below in the comments.

Angelique Powers has been painting for over 15 years and has an MFA in Scenic Art from Cal Arts.  Along with being the Charge Artist at Penumbra Theatre she also freelances and works with the University of Minnesota as an Adjunct Lecturer. She is currently most proud of her work as a Founding Board Member of  The Guild of Scenic Artists and her work here on The Scenic Route.


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